Find your individual home style with our wide variety of home decor and accessories. We have an inspiring range from one off pieces to vases and throw rugs, clam shells, sculptures and trinkets our range of modern home décor is the perfect addition to any room. Showcase your style and shop the range now.

Brands include Robert Gordon Australia, Madam Stoltz, Bloomville, Pottery for the Planet Vases and many little makers.

37 products

  • River Pillar Candle

    $15 AUD
  • Sunday Pillar Candle

    $49.90 AUD
  • Paris Pillar Candle

    $19.90 AUD
  • Scarlett Pillar Candle

    $25 AUD
  • Bailey Pillar Candle

    $19.90 AUD
  • Collo Brass Tray

    $75 AUD
  • Clam Shell White Large

    $295 AUD
  • Rainbow Bath Mat

    $59 AUD
  • Coral Coast Shag Cushion

    $139 AUD
  • Grandé Fleur Dawn Cushion Cover Small

    $50 AUD
  • Crystal Forest Cushion Cover Small

    $50 AUD
  • Clam Shell White Mini

    $35 AUD

    $49.90 AUD
  • Tibetan Buddha

    $850 AUD
  • Vintage Clam Shell Small 36cm

    $139 AUD
  • Vintage Clam Shell Medium

    $195 AUD
  • Grandé Fleur Picnic Rug Nightshade

    $190 AUD
  • Grandé Fleur Picnic Rug Dawn

    $190 AUD
  • Apollo Sculpture Candle

    $95 AUD
  • Shell Trinket Dish White

    $39.90 AUD