“Made in Mada” created in 2014 provides us with beautiful and unique handmade accessories and homewares.

By creating work for the locals in Madagascar, the establishment of Made in Mada assisted in maintaining traditional Madagascan crochet and weaving production and provided workers with a sustainable income.

The result of the locals working in favourable conditions, close to home and close to their families, is the beautifully pieces made by hand with unmatched craftsmanship.

10 products

  • Nirina Bag Natural

    $129 AUD
  • Neva Bag Natural

    $199 AUD
  • Naly Bag Natural

    $129 AUD
  • Mikolo Bag Natural

    $79.90 AUD
  • Mamy Bag Natural

    $129 AUD
  • Lucienne Bag Natural

    $189 AUD
  • Izia Bag Tea Medium

    $159 AUD
  • Izia Bag Natural Small

    $99 AUD
  • Izia Bag Natural medium

    $159 AUD
  • Alice 3XXL Bag Natural

    $159 AUD